VERA PURE: Next level design for true coffee lovers

VERA PURE: Next level design for true coffee lovers

By thoroughly analyzing the way people eat, the Viennese manufacturer, Vera Pure, created MoonLashes, the next generation of silverware with improved haptics and ergonomics for the user. As coffee is almost a “vital necessity” in Vienna, special attention was obviously given to the coffee pieces.

Vienna, as the previous imperial capital of the Habsburgs, is not only home to some of the most influential artists and designers of the last century, but also the origin of the Western coffee drinking habits. After the withdrawal and surrender of the Ottoman empire following the siege of Vienna in the 17th century, coffee beans remained outside of the city as a completely new discovery. In the following years, the Viennese population fell in love with the bitter luxury drink and came up with a great variety of coffee drinking with milk and other flavoring ingredients. This was the beginning of the Western style of coffee enjoyment.

When in Vienna, coffee is omnipresent and you can almost smell it all around. Starting from the capital’s landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and strolling through the Graben and Kohlmarkt, you will pass by the famous Café Hawelka and the Café Demel, where apprentice Helmut Sacher reached world fame for his invention of a special chocolate cake. A walk through the city center will feel like a trip into previous centuries. Iconic architectural buildings are everywhere around you until you reach Hofburg, the imperial palace. All of these architecture, design and culinary influences have been at the core of the MoonLashes cutlery by Vera Pure, a homage to the famous designer Josef Hoffmann of the Viennese Workshop (Wiener Werkstätte).

During the decade-long prototyping and enhancements of the cutlery line, special attention has obviously been placed on the coffee pieces. In the spirit of the world-famous Viennese coffee house culture, three main pieces have been developed: the smallest well-balanced espresso spoon, the special cake fork, ideal for all types of sweets, and an optimized elegant coffee spoon for the typical viennese coffee creations. Another exceptionable piece is the pirate spoon as the longest and thinnest spoon, ideal for café latté or ice coffee.

These special design pieces are not only an ideal gift for coffee and sweets lovers, but also a reminder to enjoy the small pleasures brightening your everyday. There are three different sets to choose from: the “Kaffeekränzchen” as reference to the typical afternoon coffee with cake in Vienna (similar to British tea time), the “Espresso in Rome” as tribute to the Italian adaptation of the Viennese coffee over the centuries and the “Viennese coffee” goes without saying.


About the brand:
VERA PURE was founded by Vera Purtscher in 1997. Her first creation was the MoonLashes cutlery line. Not seasonally trendy, the innovative and sophisticated tableware designs remain modern since the studio’s beginnings. The design classic is used exclusively by celebrity chefs in a dozen of the most iconic restaurants all over the globe, but is also available to private clients via the webshop of the manufacturer:

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