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Katerina Morgan Art presents Equestrian art by Anne Hansson

Katerina Morgan Art presents Equestrian art by Anne Hansson

Anne Hansson is an artist living and working outside of Stockholm. Horse has for many years been her favorite source of inspiration and motive.

Between charcoal sketches and oil paint In her semiabstract image, Anne Hansson embodies the horses’ individual movements very strongly. It is a language few outside the horse world understands but many are attracted to. The riders and owners can see their horse’s individual language directly in her pictures. In motion, in play and in training. For many years the horses and riders have taken their place in the life of artist Anne Hansson.

Hundreds of study hours and sketching live next to the vault, polo plan or dressage track. In training and in competition. She studies the movement of the horse, sees its personal expression and lets it fit into the picture. Anne Hansson is niched in the horses’ movement language but also works in the studio with pictures entirely from her own interior.

The colors reinforce her expression and the energy she wants to convey. Sometimes the animal’s own energy prevails precisely in the color choices or as abstract details, but the whole is always included.

“Sometimes I travel to the person who wants to have a painting or drawings made and I watch them ride, I sketch a lot and I take photos. Otherwise you can send me photos and films – the more I get the easier it is for me to end up good! Then we decide on size of the artwork and also discuss about colors and if there is something special. I start to sketch, draw and to paint. I send photos during the process, so you can follow the journey and also be a part of it.”
Anne Hansson




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