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Vietnam A fantastic ’foodie’ destination and a feast for all senses

Vietnam A fantastic ’foodie’ destination and a feast for all senses

Vietnam is a paradise for connoisseurs of sea- food and fish. Fish makes up a large portion of the Vietnamese diet. You find all possible combinations on offer, from fresh to cooked, from sweet to spicy – all work together to cre- ate a burst of flavour. Everywhere at the markets you can find many small cook shops, littlestands that offer a great variety of meals.

An absolute highlight in Hanoi is the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. This water doll theatre is unique in the world. Also unique arethe many streets and boat markets that can befound in many places. A visit to one of the vibrant markets is an absolute must for anyone visiting Vietnam.

However, when going to Vietnamese markets, forgot the idea of European or Western-style markets. In Vietnam you are faced with the hustle and bustle of trade. You will find fruit,vegetables, stalls filled with live chickens, cook shops, little stands, souvenirs and a lot of otherthings.

The two most visited cities in Vietnam are the capital Hanoi and the former harbour town Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon. Another city that should not be missed during a holiday in the country is Hoi An, a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Visitors will be impressed by the Chinese flair that pre- vails in this city.

The variety of colours is overwhelming. There is so much to discover that the eye hardly knows where to look first. Everything is teem-ing with life. The street sellers loudly praise theadvantages of their goods. In the air is the scent of fish, fried meat and spicy sauces.

Many different smells awaken the hunger and the temptation to taste many of the dishes is great. And if you do not have a too sensitive stomach, the taste experience is indeed mes- merising. If you are a bit more cautious, get some culinary impressions on the market and then in the evening ask at the hotel for their favourites.

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