The rain bag – An “all-purpose weapon” which makes horse fashionistas happy every day!

The rain bag – An “all-purpose weapon” which makes horse fashionistas happy every day!

Hand on heart ladies, how many bags from the top international labels do you own? Certainly a proud number and that is a good thing. But do you also have a bag that looks just as good when shopping as it does when walking with the dog and also withstand a visit to the stable with the horses? Most ladies will probably think that such a fashionable “all-purpose weapon” does not exist. Indeed! The REIN BAG from Dragoon Horse!

The REIN-BAG is the brand’s lead product of Dragoon Horse. Since its market launch a few weeks ago, it has already become the “it-piece” of the horse-loving fashionistas. And since the choice is difficult, some have secured two of the super functional Rein Bags. The REIN-BAG combines quality, functionality, and exclusivity with typical elements from equestrian sport. The idea for the bag was born while observing typical hand movements and activities in the horse stable. It was important to the founder of Dragoon Horse, Klaus Sevenich, to bring the design and feel of the bag and its components as close as possible to the reality of dealing with the horses. After many attempts with old handbags and equipment from the stable, the concept for the Rein-Bag was found. The carrying handles are based on reins and come as close as possible to the original in feel (material, size, reins, etc.) and look (color, martingale stopper, bridle rings).

The rein-bag is available in four color variants. The basic colors are black and brown. The white shutters of the two Competition models symbolize the white tournament saddle pad and have therefore been specially designed for the friends of tournament sports.

Centrally below the embossed logo sign is the unmistakable closure, which every horse person recognizes immediately. All in all, this makes the ReinBag an absolute eye-catcher and sends out a clear commitment to the horse for its wearer. The mission of the brand is to offer horse people with the handbags the opportunity to show their love for horses and sports outside the stable or tournament area and to be able to take them into everyday life.

After the highly successful brand launch and the oustanding feedback from REIN-BAG, further models are in development. For Christmas 2021, a second and significantly smaller bag will complement Dragoon Horse’s portfolio. Further products are to follow from 2022 onwards, including high-quality and functional wallets.

The brand name Dragoon Horse is derived from the dragoons. The dragoons were a type of cavalry in the European armies of the 17th – 19th centuries. To this day, many traditions and elements of military riding have been preserved in equestrian sports. The brand is therefore a commitment to tradition and knowledge of the partner horse and at the same time should be a signal of experience and quality. The logo features a curved DH for Dragoon Horse with a crown. The outer shape corresponds to that of a saber bag as it was common in cavalry. These were usually provided with the monogram of the reigning king/prince. The shape is based on the saber bag, and symbolizes the product-world of the company Dragoon Horse (handbags) and is at the same time an indication of material (leather) and appealing functionality. The crown over the DH is a sign of the uniqueness and exclusivity of Dragoon Horse products.

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