The new caviar from the House of Oona

The new caviar from the House of Oona

The new caviar from the House of Oona – exclusively presented by Eric Ray Blum, professional ice hockey player and artist of considerable profundity.

The seventh launch of the caviar season at Tropenhaus Frutigen is characterized by a design by Eric Ray Blum: the professional ice hockey player, founder of the OnkaiHeiwa label and member of the band “We and the Bulls”, put his creativity to work to create the new packaging.

A thought-provoking design – by Eric Ray Blum

“Creating a design for an exclusive Swiss product was an attractive proposition and an exciting challenge. I wanted to create a packaging that blends harmoniously with the product. The caviar itself has a number of features of its own that I incorporated,” says Eric Ray Blum. The result is a contemporary design: The colours are limited to brown, black and white to reflect the zeitgeist of sustainability.

“Eric Ray Blum, with his dynamic personality, impressed us with the depth and creativity that went into the packaging design,” confirms Beate Makowsky, Deputy Manager and Head of Marketing at Tropenhaus Frutigen. For him it was important to create a design that stands in contrast to the omnipresent and usually passive form of entertainment that prevails nowadays: “People can find entertainment everywhere, via social media and other channels…the tranquillity of the design is intended to create space for interpretation. It invites people to take some time, reflect and slow down a bit,” Blum states in his message.

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