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Selected wines deserve exquisite home

Selected wines deserve exquisite home

Do it like the two-star chef
Andreas Caminada and treat yourself to a handcrafted unique wine cellar. Andreas Caminada makes gourmet hearts dream of his creations. e two-star chef serves his culinary highlights with selected wines stored in a wine cellar designed and built for him two years ago by Jörg Tobler.

Tobler’s wine cellars are always a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, as individual as the wine connoisseurs for whose treasures they are built. No wonder that Andreas Caminada raves about his Tobler wine cellar: “The love for detail is carefully thought out and perfectly integrated into
a wonderful whole.”

Jörg Tobler has specialised in the construction of exclusive wine cellars for more than 20 years. There is no such thing as ‘off-the-peg’ wine cellars for him. All objects are individual and hand-crafted exclusive works of art, which are created in his own factory. With the wine cellars he has built for noble and rare wines, Tobler’s objective is to create a depot that is both aesthetically and technically pleasing.

One of Jörg Tobler’s latest projects is the 40-metre-long wine cellar at the event and mountain restaurant Madrisahof Klosters. At an altitude of more than 2000 metres above sea level, it is the largest and highest wine cellar in the world. Jörg Tobler builds all wine cellars and carries out all the work himself, from the first planning stage all the way to in- stalling the door lock. In order to guarantee the quality of the wine cellar’s construction down to the last detail, his work is supported selectively by a recognised air-conditioning technology expert and an artist blacksmith. As one of only a few masons in Switzerland, Tobler has the skills to build the various types of vaults, such as cloister vaults, barrel vaults and cross vaults.
Jörg Tobler lives in Malans. Here, in one of Switzerland’s best wine regions, he has created an impressive showroom. The atmosphere is exclusive and reflects the fine craftsmanship behind every wine cellar built by Jörg Tobler. “Just as a wine can only be found to be excellent or less recommendable after its enjoyment, a wine cellar can best be experienced by ‘touching’ it. e showroom reveals so many details and quite often, visitors dis- cover things they have never seen before, which are then frequently incorporated into the planning. That’s why I always say one should definitely have seen our showroom before we enter the hot planning phase,” says Jörg Tobler.

Tobler constructs each wine cellar as a unique piece, designed and realized in accordance with the personal preferences of the customers and the local conditions. Be it on the ground floor, in a small room or as a spacious wine-tasting hall, practically everything is possible with regard to implementation.

More in- formation about Jörg Tobler’s exclusive wine cellars can be found at:

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