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MILAN Red – Performance and style makes this ‘bird of prey’ the exceptional vehicle it is

MILAN Red – Performance and style makes this ‘bird of prey’ the exceptional vehicle it is

You are looking for a vehicle that will guarantee to attract every- one’s attention. It should have an extraordinary appearance, should be really fast and also so rare that it already arouses the interest of professional car collectors as a new car. That are admittedly, many wishes at once. But sit back, relax we have the solution for you. Assuming the fun is worth two million euros: The MILAN Red is a super sports car limited to 99 pieces.

The extremely rare red Milan strives for much more than speed: he glides, hunts and at- tacks with impressive skill. The breathtaking power under its signature dive is ready to be unleashed at any moment. This bird of prey is the inspiration for MILAN’s distinctive logo and represents the incarnation of the hyper-car definition of gliding, hunting and attack- ing. Austrian falconry is an intangible cultural UNESCO heritage and with just as much pride the Milan is a worldwide ambassador of its Austrian homeland.

Named after the famous bird of prey the MILAN Red is designed by a team of extra- ordinary specialists aiming to combine again the skills of speed record, design object and ultra-intense driving experience. Limited to only 99 pieces the MILAN Red will be the first of its kind crafted by MILAN Automotive GmbH and comes with a breath-taking list of characteristics: 1325 horsepower meet 1300 kilogram dead weight propelling the MILAN Red from naught to hundred in only 2.47 seconds to race way beyond 400 km/h. This power explosion is the result of the 6.2 litre V8 Quad Turbo rear drive operating entirely without electric support and crafted by AVL, supplier of global automotive com- panies and Formula One racing.

The bloodline of MILAN Red reads like the who-is-who of Austria’s leading companies in the automotive sector: Alongside Styria based AVL it is the simulation technology of AVL List – as well a close development partner of Formula One racing – and PANKL Racing Systems contributing with exclusive SLM wheel carriers.

At this point one of the highlights of the MILAN Red can be revealed: for the first time in the history of street legal cars the wishbones of the MILAN Red will be manufactured wholly from carbon. This sensation is produced by PEAK Technology from Upper Austria. Another spe- cial add-on in context with the stunning inte- rior design is the visualization of the driver’s heartbeat.

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