Luxury outdoor kitchen – your new must-have

Luxury outdoor kitchen – your new must-have

A swimming pool as a status symbol was yesterday, outdoor or summer kitchens, in which instead of grilled steaks and sausages entire menus can be prepared, are considered the new open-air trend – including technical gimmicks.

When the weather is warm and pleasant, there is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal outside. In your outdoor kitchen you can both prepare and enjoy your food under the warm sun or glittering stars and enjoy unforgettable hours with friends. Supported by Kalamazoo, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury grills and outdoor kitchen equipment, we show you the finest ideas for your future outdoor kitchen

At the beginning there is the question: blotting or paddling. We recommend the second option and thus a complete outdoor kitchen with seating areas, bars, sink and refrigerator, wine chillers, storage, smoker, grill and pizza-oven. Modular in design, this type of outdoor kitchen is a complete kitchen, which allows the host to prepare whole meals in front of his guests or cook them together with the guests.

This variant is particularly attractive when it is covered and surrounded by stone walls on three sides. Then you will be, regardless of the weather, able to enjoy the outdoor feeling to the fullest even on less warm evenings.

With a little research you will find that there are countless manufacturers and products for outdoor kitchens. You will quickly lose the overview. There are countless providers on the market. Many products look good at first glance, but whether they are actually suitable for outdoor use over many years, a layman can hardly tell. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consult an architect and to rely on specialists such as Kalamazoo for the equipment of the outdoor kitchen.

To enjoy the new outdoor kitchen for a long time, you should be prepared to invest in the highest quality equipment. Buy from specialists such as Kalamazoo, whose products are specifically designed for outdoor use. Functionality, design and service go hand-in-hand. In addition, you get lots of inspiration which helps to make your new outdoor kitchen special and unique

Take the decisive step
A luxurious outdoor kitchen is an investment. How the first steps to the implementation of the dream look, Russ Faulk, Chief Designer and Head of Product with Kalamazoo has revealed to us

What goes into planning an outdoor kitchen? Where do you begin?
I suggest beginning by defining your goals for the space. The biggest decision is whether or not you want a completely self-sufficient outdoor kitchen — one that can operate independent of the indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen like this needs to include most of the features you would find indoors: cooking appliances (typically a grill and a cooktop), refrigeration, dry storage, a sink and ample countertop space to work with. These outdoor kitchens are naturally larger, but they can be located more remotely from the indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen that is conveniently located to the indoor kitchen can be supported by the indoor kitchen. It can be smaller, and it can get by with less features.

Could we quote price levels for high end outdoor kitchens such as the one in the image attached? Or, at give a starting point, or a range?
The average price of a Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet kitchen suite is about $30,000, but larger kitchens can exceed $100,000. The Kalamazoo appliances and cabinetry are typically just a part of the outdoor kitchen project cost. The cost of masonry, utilities, fixtures and additional amenities all need to be factored in.

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