Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad/ Switzerland 18. – 21. August

Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad/ Switzerland 18. – 21. August

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup has been the summer polo highlight in Switzerland for many years. For two years, the top event did not take place due to the Corona measures. But this year, the only summer high goal polo tournament in Switzerland is sure to be a crowd puller again.

Four teams will compete for the coveted Sieger Trophy from 18 to 21 August. The title sponsor Hublot’s team will be led by the American Marco Maximilian Elser, who lives in Italy. Captaining Team Palace Gstaad is Swiss Cedric Schweri, who was victorious in Gstaad in 2017 and 2018. Polo Park and Country Club Zurich owner Sebastien Le Page will compete for Team La Prairie, which won the last event in 2019 back then with captain Piero Dillier. The field is completed by the team of the new sponsor Kielder Agro. The captain of the team is Swiss Fabio Meier, who will compete together with his brother Luca and the two Argentinians Bautista Beguerie (handicap 5) and Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario (7).

“I was very sad that we had to cancel the Hublot Polo Gold Cup both in 2019 and 2020 because of Corona, but polo thrives on the atmosphere and the cheering of the spectators and we would not have been able to welcome them because of the Corona measures. But all the Corona restrictions have been lifted and we can finally celebrate polo at the top level again in front of a huge crowd of spectators”, explains the President of Polo Gstaad and organiser of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Pierre Genecand.

Everything is optimally prepared and now everyone is looking forward to 18 August. The programme will be the same as at all previous events. The preliminary round matches will take place on the first day of the tournament, the Players Parade is scheduled for Friday afternoon. After the semifinal matches on Saturday, the traditional Players Night in the VIP tent will be another highlight.

The match for third place is the first match of the final day (21 August), and which two teams will make it into the final is difficult to predict. The field of four teams is very balanced and all of them have the potential to deliver matches on a par with each other. The spectators can once again look forward to top-class polo in Gstaad.

Strict veterinary controls: The welfare of the horses was and is a major concern for the organisers. Veterinary controls have always taken place in Gstaad. This year, the controls will be intensified once again. In addition to an intensive entry check, the veterinarians will inspect the horses daily. An emergency horse ambulance has always been standard in Gstaad and will be on site again in 2022.


The teams

Team Hublot (HCP 13)
Marco Maximilian Elser (USA/0) Goffredo Cutinelli-Rendina (ITA/3) Teo von Neufforge (ARG/5) Pedro Fernandez Llorente (ARG/5)

Team Palace Gstaad (HCP 13)
Cedric Schweri (SUI/0) Joao Novales (BRA/5) Tomi Astelarra (ARG/3) Dario Musso (ARG/5)

Kielder Agro (HCP 14)
Fabio Meier (SUI/1) Luca Meier (SUI/1 Bautista Beguerie (ARG/5) Ezequiel Martinez-Ferrario (ARG/7)

Clinique La Prairie (HCP 13)
Sebastien Le Page (FRA/0) Francisco Fucci (ARG/4) Facundo Kelly (ARG/3) Raul La Placette (ARG/6)


Photo credit:Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad/ Kathrin Gralla/DerRoteDrache

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