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Gut Ising Chiemsee Cup 2019

Seven teams with players from Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria and Guatemala fought for victory at the Gut Ising Chiemsee Cup. In the final the team of the host Gut Ising and the team LGT of the Liechtensteiner private bank met each other.
The winner of the previous year, team Gut Ising with Isabel von Morgenstern and her daughter Sophia Jaenecke, as well as the professionals Segundo Copello and Francisco Ratagan, had won all qualifying matches and was considered a clear favorite.
The team LGT with Eva Bruehl, Patricio Gaynor and Ann Maier fought hard and almost Eva Brühl had even at the last second nor the winning goal for the team LGT scored. The ball was intercepted, however. Therefore the team Gut Ising secured the victory with a half goal lead. Third place went to Team Derby with Captain Patrik Maleitzke, followed by Team Cosmo


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