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Bouillabaisse – From poor people’s food to delicacy

Bouillabaisse – From poor people’s food to delicacy

No fish soup is as shrouded in mystery as Bouillabaisse. Originally just a simple leftover meal by the fishermen from Marseille, the bouillabaisse one of the culinary ambassadors of the southern French port city.

The secrets of the queen of the fish soups are: 7 noble fish varieties, muscles, prawns, and a lot of patienceWe have a delicious Bouillabaisse recipe for you to try.

Ingredients for a Bouillabaisse

400 g Rascasse (scorpionfish)
400 g Congre (conger eel)
400 g Lotte (monkfish)
350 g Grondin (gurnard)
350 g Saint-Pierre (St. Peter's fish)
350 g Sea bass (Loup de Meer)
350 g Rouget (red mullet).

200 g Mussels
250 g Prawns
1,5 liter Fish-Fond
100 ml good white wine

1 fennel
1 onion

2 tbsp olive oil
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
10 ml lemon juice
10 reads of saffron
salt, pepper ½ lemon

Cut the fish into larger pieces. Fry the finely chopped vegetables in a large saucepan with butter, then deglaze with fish stock and white wine, add the fennel seeds and bring to the boil. Add saffron, fish and prawns and mussels, let steep for 10 minutes over a low flame. Voila, your bouillabaisse is ready to serve.

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