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Al Habtoor Polo Team took the trophy for the Dubai Cup

The final trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2019 was taken by the Habtoor Polo and the team proudly lifted the cup for the third year. The Dubai Cup 2019 Final was an afternoon packed full with polo action matched with activities and great prizes for the spectators to enjoy at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. The Subsidiary Final was a round robin match between Hesketh, Kingpins and Dubai Wolves.


Dubai Wolves and Kingpins walked away victors as it triumphed over the two teams and scored 4 – 3 against Dubai Wolves and 4 – 3 over Hesketh. The Final match had Abu Dhabi take on the initial lead which Habtoor Polo took over fast and strong by the second and closed the penultimate chukker with a five-goal advantage. Both teams continued intensely, and Abu Dhabi tried scored additional goals in an attempt to close in on Habtoor. The game capped off with the sound of the buzzer with Habtoor still on the lead and ultimately won the Dubai Cup 2019 at 9 goals to 6.  Yasir Al Safi, Founder of Art Perfume, awarded the winner and runners-up of the tournament. Tomas Panelo as Most Valuable Player and Cometica as the Best Playing Pony.

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