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World Polo League wins the 18th Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel 2020

The Final of The Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel between two new, and powerful, teams, World Polo League from America and GP Mobility from the Copa Cabana itself, Brazil, the stage was set for an almighty showdown. The daunting force of American number one Nic Roldan was unquestionable as the teams rode onto the field, but GP Mobility had the advantage of two goals on handicap, so World Polo League were going to have their work cut out. But the fear for the Ganzi contingent on the sidelines was short-lived, as within as many minutes, a goal from WPL Captain Marc Ganzi, aka the Cobra, and his 8 goal teammate Roldan, had evened the scoreboard 2-2. The 6 goal Brazilian, Guilhermo Lins was a force all of his own from the off. Scoring GP Mobility’s primary field goal, his ability to not only challenge the Americans, but overcome the powerful Roldan ride-offs was a spectacle to behold. In the first half, GP Mobility had their work cut out, with 80 percent of their play on the defensive.


With a phenomenal pass, straight to the waiting stick of his Captain, Marcus Schallach, later named Most Valuable Player for his consistently impressive play, GP Mobility were back in business at 4-4. It was fast, it was furious, and boy was it exciting. As the teams headed into the half-time break, a flurry of near misses and ultimately goals, saw World Polo League back ahead, but GP Mobility were hot on their heels, 7-6.

Tensions were mounting both on and off the field in the third chukka, with players responding to bad bounces with bigger hits, as this end-to-end excitement seemed to bring these two powerhouse teams to almost breaking point. The scores evened up once again, this time at 7-7 thanks to Lins, but young Juan Bautista Peluso wasn’t done yet for his World Polo League side, as he found the posts just in time for the bell. If you thought the first three chukkas were exciting, then what happened in the fourth would have beggared belief. As the ball flew up to the Brazilian’s end of the field, Roldan, in a play worth way more than his 8 goals permitted, took the ball from the halfway line, in the air, bouncing one, two, three times before striking the ball under the neck of his pony and scoring a seemingly impossible goal from one of the most challenging positions on the field. His extraordinary skill had the crowd in stunned silence, which then erupted into a resounding cheer! This fantastic play was the sign of things to come and, however hard GP Mobility fought, the Americans were just that one step ahead. With another ‘air shot’ volley goal from Roldan, to only one in response from Lines, who was later named the recipient of the Fair Play Award, it was all over for the team from Brazil. The World Polo League team, a brand new addition to the 2020 instalment of The Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel, were crowned the resounding champions and one thing’s for sure, with skill like that, Kitzbühel can’t wait to welcome them back next year!



World Polo League (13):
Marc Ganzi (2/USA – Captain)
Juan Bautista Peluso (3/ARG)
Nic Roldan (8/USA)

GP Mobility (10):
Henrique Schalldach (2/BRA)
Marcus Schalldach (2/BRA – Captain)
Guilhermo Lins (6/BRA)

Engel & Völkers (12):
Ana Escobedo (1/MEX – Captain)
Segundo Darritchon (3/ARG)
Jonny Good (8/ENG)

Bernd Gruber (11):
Helmet Wieser (0/AUS – Captain)
Pato Bolanterio (4/ARG)
Santiago Marambio (7/ARG)

Intocast (12):
Matthias Normann (1/AUS – Captain)
Micky Duggan (5/ARG)
Martin Juaregui (6/ARG)

Corum (10):
Eckhardt Juls (1/GER – Captain)
Patrick Maleitzke (5/GER)
Juan Ruiz-Guiñazú (4/ARG)

Bendura Bank (12):
Melissa Ganzi (1/USA – Captain)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8/ARG)
Tito Gaudenzi (3/CH)

Laurent-Perrier (11):
Sebastian Schneberger (2/GER – Captain)
Phillip de Groot (2/NED)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (7/ARG)


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