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Unique interior design: handcrafted in the Swiss Alps and made by masters of Swiss craftsmanship

Unique interior design: handcrafted in the Swiss Alps and made by masters of Swiss craftsmanship

Zbaeren wine cellar

The products of Zbären Swiss Kitchen Manufacture are characterized by the highest level of craftsmanship. Zbären kitchens have been designed by the family since the business was founded and today, the exquisite designs of the brothers Matthias and Benjamin Zbären continue to set new standards in the world of kitchen and interior design.

Zbären has realized the interior dreams of many discerning customers from all over the world. If you want to implement unusual living ideas using the highest quality materials and outstanding workmanship, your path should lead to Zbären Swiss Kitchen Manufactures. In view of the great variety, we decided today to take a deeper look at solutions from Zbären for lovers of fine wines.

The goal for Benjamin Zbären and his team is to fulfill the wishes of his customers as close as possible. Does the customer want only a wine cellar, a wine cellar with a bar, or does he prefer a representative wine cellar with a large wooden table where he can taste the stored wines with numerous friends? The preference of the customer is also of central importance. «A collector who mainly stores magnum bottles will usually prefer to keep them individually on shelves, whereas other collectors like to keep their wines in the original wooden boxes in which the wine is delivered from the wineries. Under certain circumstances, very special rare bottles should be specially protected – perhaps also stored in a cabinet with glass doors. The limits of feasibility are only given to us by the local conditions of the house – if it is not being built from scratch – and the customer’s budget”, says Benjamin Zbären

When it comes to the choice of materials used, there are no limits to what customers want, explains Benjamin Zbären. “We have built wine cellars from a wide variety of woods, partly combined with hand-made metal fittings, but also implemented very modern designs using only glass and metal”, depending on which style our customers prefer.

There are no limits to the variety of ideas at Zbären, even when it comes to wine cellars and their individual, exclusive design. One of many examples of this is a four-meter-long oak table with an artistically designed fountain made of tin in the middle. This fountain turns on automatically as soon as the light goes on in the wine cellar.

It is important to focus on the correct air conditioning of the wine cellar right from the planning stage in order for the bottles to age at the optimal climatic conditions. “There are special systems and devices for this, which we obtain from suppliers and then integrate them into the wine cellar in such a way that they achieve their maximum performance and still remain discreetly in the background

In addition to the classic wine cellars, the wide range of Zbären creations also includes made-to-measure wine climate cabinets which, in addition to their actual function of storing wine, also decorate the kitchen, dining or living area as decorative elements.

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