SAZZ – soap 100% vegan and made by hand from pure natural components

SAZZ – soap 100% vegan and made by hand from pure natural components

A few weeks ago, a good friend visited me and brought me a small, delicately peppermint-scented package. Inside was a bar of soap. “SAZZ” was written on it in big letters. “SAZZ?” I looked at my friend questioningly and she replied, “Yes, “Soap Andrea Ziegler Zurich” super nourishing, wonderfully fragrant and 100% vegan, just right for your demanding skin, you will love this natural soap.” And so much in advance: She was to be proved right!

Naturalness, the traceability of raw materials and the protection of the environment have always been very important to me. I used the soap the same evening for showering. The wonderfully creamy foam, the fresh yet subtle peppermint scent were very pleasant, but I was thrilled that my skin did not feel any tension, as I would have expected from a soap. On the contrary I could do without the oil that I usually use in the evening. This experience aroused my curiosity. Now I wanted to know more about the brand, its philosophy and Andrea Ziegler, the woman behind SAZZ. And I experienced another surprise, because I was welcomed in downtown Zurich by a charming career changer who had held responsibility as CFO in various manufacturing companies for the first question I wanted to ask her and anticipated the answer: “It was simply time to try something new again,” she explained. That she decided to get into the production of natural soaps was obvious. “I had already been involved with vegan natural soaps for a few years, and in many conversations with different soap makers around the world, I exchanged ideas.

It was also obvious that she chose vegan soaps for her new business: “I am saddened by the deforestation of the rainforest”, says Andrea Ziegler. She also finds the pollution of our drinking water by microplastics from cosmetic products unnecessary. In addition, she is very concerned about transparency and fairness among raw material manufacturers and suppliers. Andrea Ziegler trained as a soap boiler in various courses and selftaught. The first production trials, for which she had 25 testers test her products, already brought impressive results. Some even reported that they no longer needed body lotion after using my soaps. Andrea Ziegler remembers: “What a realisation, a soap is there for cleansing and now also for care. So it’s a 2 in 1 product. I am convinced that I achieve this result mainly through the high quality oils and fats.”

Andrea Ziegler processes these in a cold saponification process, a mindful and gentle handling of the valuable products, given by our nature. In the manufacturing process, these raw materials are never heated above 60 degrees C and thus the important properties are preserved. After production, Andrea Ziegler lets her soaps rest for at least two months before they go on sale. This is because during this maturing period, the soap loses most of the water and thus develops the skin friendly quality so typical of SAZZ soaps.

In various discussions with raw material producers, Andrea Ziegler has assembled a small number of hand-picked business partners. She buys in Switzerland, whatever is sourced locally and regionally available. If Andrea Ziegler must buy products from abroad, she tries to buy them directly from the producer – under fair and socially acceptable conditions. Currently, 85% of the raw materials used for SAZZ soaps can be traced back to the producer; the goal is 100% by the end of 2022.

The SAZZ range is still manageable. Besides the two shower soaps – one with carrot juice, the other with peppermint and hemp oil, there is also a hand soap with a wonderful smell of coffee arabica. New creations from the smallest soap manufacturer in Zurich downtown city are in the pipeline. Spoil yourself and maybe buy a present for a good friend too: It’s worth in any case to visit the SAZZ shop on the website:

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