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Private islands – Holidays in your own universe

Private islands – Holidays in your own universe

As secluded as it gets: those who dream of ultimate privacy and have the right change to go with it, can find pure solitude on dream islands from the South Seas to the Caribbean. In corpo- ration SeyVillas, a specialist provider of exceptional accom- modation in the Seychelles archipelago, we have assembled for our readers some of the world’s most exclusive islands. South Seas to the Caribbean.

One of the most exclusive islands in the world is also located in Belize, Central America. The luxurious villa offers rooms for single couples. The service personnel lives on a neighboringisland, but is available on call around the clock. The reef on which Gladden Island is located onis one of the longest in the world. For the cor- responding season, imposing whale sharks pass by here.

The luxury private resort Thanda Island is lo-cated off the coast of Tanzania. Holidaymakerscan book this wonderful accommodation ex- clusively to enjoy complete privacy in a villa with five suites. The protection of the local coral reef and the marine life plays an impor- tant role on Thanda Island. Vacationers can explore the colorful underwater world by div- ing or snorkeling.

Zaya Nurai Island is a private oriental island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Luxury guests can choose from various categories of villas. Sixdifferent restaurants, which of course also offerprivate dinners and take care of your physical well-being. If you don’t have the budget for an overnight stay, you can also set foot on the exclusive island as a day guest.

In the South Seas, The Brand Resort in French Polynesia is the ultimate secluded resort. The atoll Tetiaroa sits on a dozen small islets that span a spectacular lagoon. The resort comprises 35 luxury villas and is accessible by-plane, a 20-minute flight from Tahiti. The whitesandy beach is shared only with sea turtles and exotic birds.

On a Maldives atoll, lies the exclusive private island of the Coco Collection. Coco Privé Island takes care of guest’s individual wishes before their arrival. The luxury domicile ofmore than one hectare is transformed into the specific hideaway that inhabitants of the islandexactly wish for. The 40 metre long pool is just one of the many amenities awaiting for guests here.

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