Oona – pure Swiss Alpine Caviar

Oona – pure Swiss Alpine Caviar

The Tropenhaus Frutigen is writing a piece of caviar history. The world of pleasure has become richer by a new delicacy with the “Oona” pure mountain water caviar. Fully in accordance with the philosophy of the Tropenhaus Frutigen, the first Swiss caviar makes its appearance in the market in a natural and sustainable manner, produced with the finest craftsmanship.

Tropenhaus Frutigen rears two species of sturgeon for caviar and fish fillet production, enabling it to offer two different kinds of high-quality caviar. Oona Caviar (No. 101, 102, 103) from Siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii) and Oona Osietra Carat from Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstadtii). Siberian sturgeon are bred at the fish farm of Tropenhaus Frutigen in the Kandertal, where they swim in pure, naturally warm mountain water. Optimal, cutting-edge husbandry conditions as well as sustainability are of the utmost priority. We work exclusively by hand when processing the roe at our site and guarantee a quick transfer process from the fish to the tin.

The quality of the caviar goes hand in hand with freshness. Our aim is to produce genuine, authentic caviar that has been stored as briefly as possible; we do not use additives or preservatives. As one of the few caviar producers that does not use the additive borax, we produce caviar with a delicate skin, a pleasantly tender consistency and a fine appearance which is essential for the optimal development of its nutty aroma and light foamy texture. Oona caviar is refined using only pure salt as sustainability, purity and the emphasis of the highly subtle nuances of the aroma are paramount. Oona caviar is distinguished by its unmistakable character.


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