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Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand with the exceptional N°1 products

Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand with the exceptional N°1 products

Crossing the border between jewelry and highly effective cosmetics, the N° 1 Cream fascinates women around the world. Anyone who calls these cosmetic products their own is making an unmistakable statement of prosperity and the highest standards.

ut the N° 1 Cream is not just unique anti-aging products that convince with the most valuable active ingredients and sensational results. With a price of €3850, it is also the most expensive cream and serum in the world and the bottles, which are covered over and over with Swarovski crystals, are real gems. The N° 1 cream is now also available as a refill.

Over a period of ten years, the renowned Swiss dermatologist and his charming wife Gabriela developed a recipe that makes use of the boosting character of the alpine rose. Its high-dose stem cells were infused into the cream, giving it a regenerating, wrinkle-reducing and moisturizing effect.

It is uniquely effective thanks to the plant stem cells of the alpine rose, which have been cultivated over several years and integrated into the serum using the specially developed PhytoCellTec forte process. The skin becomes more resistant to harmful environmental influences and can store moisture in the long term.

All N° 1 products are available in selected stores or online

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