Katerina Morgan – colorful silk scarves and inspiring horse art

Katerina Morgan – colorful silk scarves and inspiring horse art

Katerina Morgan is a very well-named polo photographer with a ten-year of experience. Among her clients, there are royal families, polo players, and many clubs around the world. But since the charming lady has many talents, she started successfully a second business as a fashion designer some time ago and a third with the online “Horse and Polo Art Gallery”.

Katerina Morgan started her fashion brand by experiencing with the polo players pictures she had taken around the world, looking for creative ideas to do something brand-new and interesting. “Katerina Morgan” is the first fashion brand that creates its designs based on polo photography. All designs are inspired by real TOP world polo players. Katerina has met many of these leader personalities personally when she worked as a photographer in international polo tournaments.

It is an art fashion brand that combines elegance and sophistication, qualities that the brand shares with this exciting sport. The first collection is 30 silk scarves and 10 designs in different color combinations. Each scarf tells a story and all the stories are inspired by unique people. The scarves are produced from silks of exceptional quality at one of the oldest luxury brands manufacturers in Italy.

“So many people are fascinated by the sport of polo. My scarfs give the friends of the polo the opportunity to show their enthusiasm for this extraordinary sport and at the same time giving their clothing style a very personal and very elegant touch. You can wear a scarf as a classic accessory, and you can also create a colorful artistic decoration by hanging a few framed scarves on a wall” said Katerina Morgan

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