Hermès “The 24-colour” piano box, the music of the senses

Hermès “The 24-colour” piano box, the music of the senses

“Colours for me are like musical notes. Combining them creates sonority and harmony, composing a range of colours like musical scales. The 24 colours of our lipsticks resonate together like piano keys. Having them all to hand allows you to play endlessly.” Jérôme Touron, creative director of Hermès Beauty

The 24-colour Piano invites you to set your personality to music. The box contains the 24 emblematic colours of the Rouge Hermès collection. It is a set of colours for the year to come, a calendar of wishes, a scale of connections for every change of mood or emotion. It echoes the number 24, the house’s historic base in Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.

With the 24-colour Piano, Hermès Beauty enhances the sensory dimension of the range with an unusual note, a veritable bridge of colour. This essential component of a piano’s mechanism, interposed between the key and the hammer, is what makes it possible to play. As in music, make-up is all about interpretation. For an everyday virtuoso gesture. Turning a smile into an attitude. A moment of transcendence. A lesson in harmony. An allegro andante. To enhance beauty. Perfectly in tune. Where colour is perfectly suited to the mood, the complexion and the music of each day.

The Piano 24 colors box is tied with Hermès gift ribbon and packed in an orange bag. It is offered in a limited edition of 440 copies and will be available in selected Hermès boutiques around the world.

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