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French Polo Open – 29 goals in 5 chukkers!!

The match on Tuesday evening, 8th September which opposed the two brothers Jeta and Barto Castognola in Chantilly, through their teams of Talandracas and Les Lions Panarea, will remain forever engraved in memories. “The most beautiful match in the history of the club”, “The most exciting game ever played in France for decades”, “Incredible speed, dream horses”. The public, rather numerous for a Tuesday, left this match of the anthology with stars in their eyes


29 goals in 5 chukkers, extraterrestrial actions motivated by the healthy competition between the two Castagnola brothers who were playing against each other for the first time. 8 goals from Barto, 10 from Jeta who could have extended the party if he has scored that 30-yard penalty at 30″ from the end… when he had strung on like pearls all the 60-yard penalties and other corners he wanted! “This game deserved overtime,” lamented Talandracas’ manager Santiago Gastambide. A great show. Polo has crossed a new milestone in Chantilly.

It was the first time that the two brothers, aged 16 and 18, perfectly trained by their father, Lolo Castagnola, former handicap 10 and back of La Dolfina, were face to face. A discovery: “I didn’t know Jeta played so well, I had a hard time countering him”, confided the man of the match, Barto Castagnola to his manager. Sweet! The two brothers, who tomorrow will be a legend in this sport, are bitten to the bone. When they’re not playing, they go to every possible match currently taking place at Chantilly Polo Club*, even the low-goal games, in case there’s a horse to be found, they take every opportunity to try out horses or play practices with borrowed horses. No time for PlayStation!

If this match was the highlight of this Open, but also of the club’s life, the other matches did not disappoint, on the contrary. With 11 players of the level of the Argentine Open, we had something to enjoy since the kick-off last Friday, when Marquard Media took its revenge for the Deauville Gold Cup final by inflicting a bitter 13 – 8 on the Spaniards of Marqués de Riscal (who then signed a victory on Sunday against Sainte-Mesme).

Another team also makes a big impression: that of the Dutch Nicky Sen, with notably the former handicap 9 and semi-finalist of the Argentinean Open (with Pilara), Santiago Chavanne. Amanara clearly won her two matches against Le Pommeray (11-8) and Sainte-Mesme(9-4), who lost so her second match of the tournament.


Credit text and photo: Pascal Renauldon

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