24 carat gold eye pads – your secret for a younger look

24 carat gold eye pads – your secret for a younger look

Bring shine and light to your look with gold hydrogel patches. This combination of nourishing and anti-aging active ingredients combats the first signs of aging and restores suppleness and firmness to the eye contour. The look seems rested, full of freshness and vitality.

Cell Premium works: The most advanced liposome-technology makes the delayed release of the active agents possible. The ingredients will be released over a longer period of time. This combination is unique in the world! Only cell premium uses PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny in combination with plant-based stem cells, which reach both, the epidermal and deeper dermal stem cells to activate and protect them.

A highly effective Anti-Aging care with the best out of plant-based stem cell research – High-tech from apples, grapes, argan and alpine roses. Experience the unique effect of PhytoCellTec forte Dr. Gerny. Discovered, developed and manufactured in Swiss laboratories. Adhering to the highest quality standards! cell premium activates the collagen production and regenerates skin stem cells. The result: Wrinkles, lines and light-based changes are reduced visibly. Your complexion will become radiant and even!


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