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12th Tortugas Open title – second in a row – for team Ellerstina Johor

12th Tortugas Open title – second in a row – for team Ellerstina Johor

Ones again the teams Ellerstina Johor and La Dolfina Saudí Polo met each other in the final of the Tortugas Open.

While Ellerstina Johor was at the start with Facundo Pieres (handicap 10) Hilario Ulloa (10) Gonzalo Pieres (9) and Nicolás Pieres 10, La Dolfina Saudí Polo could only rely on one regular player, the legendary Adolfo Cambiaso (handicap 10). La Dolfina once again renounced the use of its regular top players Juan M. Nero (10), Pablo Mac Donough (10) and David Stirling (10) and instead gave Adolfo “Poroto” Cambiaso junior (6), Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade (8) and Ignacio Laprida (8) the chance to fight alongside Adolfo Cambiaso. The 14-year-old “Poroto” Cambiaso had the luxury of scoring a goal in his first Triple Crown final.

The Ellerstina Joho team of General Rodríguez, (which had with Facundo Pieres the top scorer of the match and the tournament, with 26 goals in total), took wide advantages from the beginning of the game and dominated the final with 16:6 goals. Ellerstina Johor defended his victory from last year and was able to record the 12th victory at the Tortuga Open for herself. On the individual face, Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres reached their 9th title in Tortugas and for Hilario Ulloa it was his first victory in a Triple Crown tournament. Thus, Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres are only two titles behind the top winners of the Tortugas Open, which are still Pablo Mac Donough and Alberto P. Heguy, with 11.

Ellerstina Johor (Team-handicap 39)
Facundo Pieres (10)
Hilario Ulloa (10)
Gonzalo Pieres (9)
Nicolás Pieres (10)

La Dolfina Saudi Polo Team (Team-handicap 32)
Adolfo Cambiaso (10)
Adolfo “Poroto” Cambiaso junior (6)
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade (8)
Ignacio Laprida (8)


Photo credit: Matías Callejo / Prensa AAP

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