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127th Argentine Open: eighth-time win in a row for Cambiaso and Dolfina Saudi

127th Argentine Open: eighth-time win in a row for Cambiaso and Dolfina Saudi

In a totally atypical season, with several injuries among its members and even a defeat in Palermo, La Dolfina Saudi P. T. always reinvents itself and was won the final of the 127th Argentine Open, in the most important tournament in the world!
In the decisive match of the 127th Argentine Polo Open HSBC, played at the legendary court 1 in Palermo, Adolfo Cambinaso and its Dolfina Saudi P.T.-Team won by a tight 10-8 against the in this season unbeaten Ellerstina Johor.

6 from 8 awards for the legendary Adolfo Cambiaso

Gonzalo Heguy Most Valuable Player Award
Adolfo Cambiaso

Javier Novillo Astrada Award to the Top Scorer of the Tournament
Adolfo Cambiaso, 45 goals

Rubén Sola Young Player Award
Jerónimo del Carril

Fomento Equino Cup to the best-mounted player of the final
Adolfo Cambiaso

Gonzalo Tanoira Award to the best-mounted player of the tournament:
Adolfo Cambiaso

Fair Play Award
David Stirling

Lady Susan Townley Best Playing Pony Award
Dolfina B09 Cuartetera Clone
Player: Adolfo Cambiaso

BPP Polo Argentino and BPP Sociedad Rural Argentina
Dolfina B06 Cuartetera Clon
Player: Adolfo Cambiaso

La Dolfina Saudi (team-handicap 40)
Adolfo Cambiaso (10)
David Stirling (10)
Pablo Mac Donough (10)
Juan Martín Nero 10 (1)

Ellerstina Johor (team-handicap 39)
Facundo Pieres 10
Hilario Ulloa (10)
Gonzalo Pieres Jr. (9)
Nicolás Pieres (10)

Photo credit: Katerina Morgan

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